Monday, November 5, 2012

The Matrix Toy
Presently perfecting the Matrix prototypes using Autocad and three dimensional lithography. 
The magic of actually seeing in real life the thing that you imagined in your mind is so totally awesome.
I have been running a Facebook group called "Hexaflex the Quest" for nearly 3 years trying to discover where this "unknown" geometry exists in Mother nature.
The geometry is so fundamentally simple is only the inter-relationship of squares anhexagons.....,well.....  the Quest paid off..... with the advent of new scanning and tunnelling microscopes, the Quest discovered that hexagons abound in natural engineering .
That led us to focus in on nano-land.
It would appear that flattened ( two-dimensional...prior to folding) Hexaflex has the same geometrical features as graphene whilst three dimensional Hexaflex has the same geometrical features as graphite.
I am not sure as to whether anyone has made a modelling kit that specifically targets carbon atoms which are allowed freedom within the model. 
With these prototypes I have been able to construct a Fullerene, .... a C60....
This toy, which is based on a truss design that has only been recently discovered, has all the potential to, not only, redefine the possible geometrical inferences to discover new properties of carbon, but also this toy has the ability to change our very perception of how space is arranged. The cube (the boxes that most of us live in) has 3 axis.
The Matrix offers us six axis.'s a long story....stay tuned

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Widget Toy

This toy invention (circa1984) was modelled for me by a prototyping company in Newcastle, N.E. England.
This is the nodal connector upon which the struts snap-connect to
Four "Smiley" balloons contained within four rhombic dodecahedrons made of the suspended Widget framework.  In the next set of pictures the balloons are slowly deflating causing the widget to slowly collapse and fold down.

Going down
Going down
Fully deflated
Widget tower construction

Four interconnected rhombic dodecahedrons

Another viewpoint

....and another

This is the framework that 5 years later  was  to  become the Nodlet Truss when it slipped off the table turning itself inside out

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nodlet Truss.

Professor Nooshin and his associates at Warwick University UK confirmed my discovery of this truss system in 1991.
A short report was published in the International Journal of Space Structures. Volume 6 No 1 1991

One particularly use is to provide a structure in space, for example for use as a satellite dish or space platform, the structure being relatively strong, but relatively light in weight.
Large space structures can be constructed using this node and link module truss as a subunit. The folding mechanism of the truss is basically two pivotally interconnected diametrically opposed tripods. By applying a pulling force between the two central nodes of the truss mechanism it causes the truss to expand. Similarly by applying a pushing force to the truss mechanism it causes it to fold.
Place a few of these up in geostationary orbit. Folded inside the cargo bay of the shuttle, floated out and opened out slowly with its huge surface area of solar skin cells. After a few years of intensive space engineering we might have an answer to our global warming problem. It is the canopy in the sky keeping us cool. The gathered solar energy can be converted into microwave and beamed down to earth.
If a collection of these trusses were all joined together and floated, semi-submerged offshore, the ever changing, variable curvature of the oceans surface would be induced into this mechanism. causing the multitude of sliding nodes to move in and out. This could provide us with a combined means for a wave energy system, a shore defense system and an artificial reef as a marine shelter for smaller fish.
Some of the many applications for this folding mechanism include robotics, biomimetics, wave energy, mechanical skin, suspension geometry, double skinned hulls, nano technology, temporary shelters and tuneable antenna dishes.

View Nodlet video.

View Nodlet images

View Nodlet patent.

"We never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."